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The Collective Coven

The Collective Coven

The Collective Coven is the online marketplace meticulously conjured by
Evie Strange, the gothic beautiful creative behind Wicked Moon
Creations. I was able to witness the manifestation of The Collective
Coven. Therefore, I can attest it was established with the pure intention
of hosting online shop space for makers of handmade and magical
wares, bringing the spooky community together online. The Collective
Coven has its own aesthetic and while every Halloween Enthusiast is
encouraged to float into the online marketplace, those who already know
the wicked shops within the coven will instantly experience the familiar
vibe. New customers will find the magic and intention of each and every
product they purchase.
Listen, some of us aren’t ready to go back to shopping at pop-ups and
clubs. Myself included. However, I want to stay connected with the
Halloween community and discover new makers. The online shopping
experience within The Collective Coven feels close to shopping at pop-
ups and the goth clubs. I can click on an item and learn about the seller.
From digital murder mystery party games and handmade jewelry to
wicked stained glass pieces to phallic soaps… the women owned shops
gathered within The Collective Coven will have just about everything you
need to adorn your own aesthetic while literally joining a coven. All
without having to leave the safety and comfort of your home. I bring that
up because I appreciate and fully embrace this special online
During the Fall and Winter of 2019, I was frequenting pop-ups and small
scale shows as much as possible. From my perspective, I was
witnessing obscure small businesses flourish. There was this incredible
demand for vendors to sell wares at various shows every weekend well

past the Halloween season and I was sometimes attending up to three
shows every Saturday and Sunday.
Then the IE Punk Flea came in February 2020 and the weirdos came
through! Every woman owned small business owner I spoke with said
that the show was a game changer for them. The small businesses there
were given tremendous visibility at a time when normal society wouldn’t
think the freaks would be out en masse.
A month later, every small business felt it was all for not and watched
everything they had accomplished dissolve overnight. Every show they
depended on to sell their wares had to cancel due to the Coronavirus
pandemic. I was already a woman who favored online shopping before
my adventures in late 2019 and early 2020. So, this was almost exciting.
It was my personal mission to use my platform to highlight and share as
many small businesses as I could, encouraging people to continued
shopping, but online. It was exhausting and I felt like I was leaving
businesses out. I am only one person. Then came word about new
online marketplaces that would hold space for spooky and alternative
brands. Some of these brands I witnessed selling magickal wares at all
of LA’s most dark and happening events. Now, there was space to do so
safely online.
Women owned small businesses are the glue that holds the Halloween
and Horror Community together. Get to know them and discover your
next favorite work of art with The Collective Coven.